Little Piggy Catering

Promoting Sustainable Choices and Plant Forward Menus since 2006

Plant Forward Dining

While we've always customised menu design to suit different tastes and diets, we're very excited to embrace the movement towards plant forward menus.

Plant forward is not vegetarian by any means. Just because you want to eat a pig, doesn't mean you can't enjoy plant forward menus. Plant forward menus put plants first, but don't exclude meat or dairy. It's a great way to showcase our local bounty, as well as select imports, in a crowd pleasing way. 

We recently returned from an 'research' aka, eating trip to New York City, where we discovered that this style has  been widely adopted. The best part - you can eat a lot more delicious food when you're not getting bogged down with giant servings of animal fats.

We are of course, happy to serve our traditional menus, but encourage you to ask about our growing selection of plant forward menus.

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